Freedom: The Underground Railroad
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26 x 36 x 8 cm
26 x 36 x 8 cm
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1.7 kg
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Academy Games
wojna secesyjna (American Civil War)
ekonomiczna (Economic)
edukacyjna (Educational)
polityczna (Political)
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7.57/10 na 4214 głosy
Nazwa oryginalna
Freedom: The Underground Railroad
kooperacja (Cooperative Game)
transport (Pick-up and Deliver)
ruch po punktach (Point to Point Movement)
igranie z losem (Push Your Luck)
wariant solo (Solo / Solitaire Game)
różne zdolności graczy (Variable Player Powers)
od 13 lat
Liczba graczy
od 1 do 4 osób
Czas gry
od 80 do 90 min.
Rok premiery
Brian Mayer


Freedom is a challenging cooperative game pitting the players against the slave economy and slave hunters of the early 1800’s thru the Civil War. 

Players succeed by balancing their actions between raising funds for the Abolitionist cause and moving slaves from the Southern States to freedom in Canada. But every move risks alerting the slave catchers, who roam the board trying to return the runaway slaves back to the plantations. 

Freedom is an engaging game about a pivotal time in American history. Players become familiar with the important historical figures, political agendas, and crucial events that unfolded to change American history and begin to brinc freedom to an enslaved people.


  • Teamwork - Cooperative play against the game. Players take on the roles of important historical Abolitionist characters.
  • Fun - Easy rules with continual involvement by all players.
  • Educational - Learn about this important chapter of American history between 1800 - 1865.

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