nieSuburbia: Collector`s Edition
Pudełko wymiary
30 x 30 x 20.5 cm
30 x 30 x 20.5 cm
Waga około
0.5 kg
Rekomendowane gry dla Ciebie
rozbudowa miasta (City Building)
ekonomiczna (Economic)
Ocena na BGG
8.03/10 na 3183 głosy
Nazwa oryginalna
Suburbia: Collector's Edition
hexagonalne pola (Hexagon Grid)
plansza modułowa (Modular Board)
dociąganie kart (Open Drafting)
zbiory zasobów (Set Collection)
rozmieszczanie elementów (Tile Placement)
od 8 lat
Liczba graczy
od 1 do 5 osób
Czas gry
od 80 do 100 min.
Rok premiery
Rok wydania
Ted Alspach
Ocena na BGG
Poziom trudności
2.93 na 5
Pudełko zawiera
* kafelki
* żetony
* plansze
* wypraski
* pionki
* instrukcje


Suburbia: Collector's Edition is a revamped version of the classic game Suburbia by Bezier Games. Suburbia fans old and new will fall in love with the updated three dimensional artwork, city-specific recessed borough boards, oversized tiles, and giant tile tower.

This beautiful collectors edition features several amazing Game Trayz organizers and includes all existing expansions as well as a brand new one: Nightlife, which has buildings and locations that are more active in the evening hours.

This strategic tile-laying game has players use hex-shaped building tiles to create their own unique city. These tiles include residential, commercial, civic, and industrial areas, as well as special points of interest that provide benefits and take advantage of the resources of nearby places. Your goal is to have your city thrive and end up with the greatest population.

Each player builds up their own economic engine and infrastructure that will be initially self-sufficient, and eventually become both profitable and increase your population. As your city grows, you'll increase both your income (giving you more cash to spend) and your reputation (growing your population). The winner is the player with the largest population.

During each game, players compete for unique goals that offer additional population boosts - and with the many varying buildings and properties, you’ll never play the same game twice!

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