War Chest: Nobility
Pudełko wymiary
19 x 23 x 5.5 cm
19 x 23 x 5.5 cm
Waga około
0.7 kg
Rekomendowane gry dla Ciebie
dodatek do gry (Expansion for Base-game)
logiczna (Abstract Strategy)
gry wojenne (Wargame)
Ocena na BGG
8.24/10 na 1053 głosy
Nazwa oryginalna
War Chest: Nobility
kontrola obszarów (Area Majority / Influence)
tworzenie talii (Deck, Bag, and Pool Building)
zarządzanie ręką (Hand Management)
partnerstwo (Team-Based Game)
różne zdolności graczy (Variable Player Powers)
od 14 lat
Liczba graczy
od 2 do 4 osób
Czas gry
od 30 do 60 min.
Rok premiery
Rok wydania
Trevor Benjamin
Nazwa oryginalna
War Chest: Nobility
Ocena na BGG
Poziom trudności
2.40 na 5
Pudełko zawiera
* 19 żetonów
* 4 karty jednostek
* 7 kart królewskiego dekretu
* 16 żetonów frakcji
* 6 pieczęci
* 1 instrukcja


The old general returned to the kingdom on the eve of the heir’s tenth birthday. He brought with him a book - or rather, what looked like a book from the outside.

The queen sat down with her child the next day, and together they opened the book. They found that the insides had been carved out and filled with more coins for their game, as well as some letters and wax seals. They took their chest from the shelf, opened it, and began to play...

The chivalric system was a huge part of medieval warfare. Various offices of state were handed out to the highborn of the land, from Bannermen that surrounded kings and queens, to Earls and Heralds enacting their liege’s will across the realm. Bishoprics had much land and influence associated with them, and were sought after position for nobles.

Can you add these four new influential units to your force, and use royal proclamations to your advantage, to once again triumph in this masterful game of tactical warfare?

War Chest: Nobility is an expansion for the highly acclaimed War Chest. The base game is required to play.

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