Marvel Champions: Wasp Hero Pack
Pudełko wymiary
9 x 11.5 x 2 cm
9 x 11.5 x 2 cm
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0.1 kg
Rekomendowane gry dla Ciebie
Fantasy Flight Games
dodatek do gry (Expansion for Base-game)
gra karciana (Card Game)
kolekcjonerska (Collectible Components)
komiks (Comic Book / Strip)
Ocena na BGG
7.91/10 na 801 głosy
Nazwa oryginalna
Marvel Champions: The Card Game – Wasp Hero Pack
kooperacja (Cooperative Game)
zarządzanie ręką (Hand Management)
wariant solo (Solo / Solitaire Game)
różne zdolności graczy (Variable Player Powers)
Liczba graczy
od 1 do 4 osób
Czas gry
od 45 do 90 min.
Rok premiery
Rok wydania
Michael Boggs
Nazwa oryginalna
Marvel Champions: The Card Game – Wasp Hero Pack
Ocena na BGG
Poziom trudności
3.00 na 5
Pudełko zawiera
* 40 kart
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Raised in the Soviet brainwashing program known as the Red Room, Nadia van Dyne spent the first years of her life in training as a deadly elite assassin. After she escaped with the help of a Pym Particle sample, Nadia immigrated to the United States, where she built her own Wasp suit and joined the Avengers, using her powers to fight villains of any size!

Drawing on the same size-changing foundation as Ant-Man, Wasp nevertheless boasts her own unique powers, setting up the perfect strike and executing her plans flawlessly. The Wasp Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game includes a 40-card pre-built deck featuring the Aggression aspect that’s ready to play right out of the pack, and whether you’re most excited to jump into action as Wasp or add new cards to your other heroes, you’ll find plenty to enjoy within this expansion.

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